Oiujah Paci

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Oiujah Paci

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If the Ouijah says it, it must be true! Featuring a black base with deep purple pearly border, spider accents and black & gold deco. 

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This is a handmade, adult (18 years old +) novelty item. By purchasing, you agree that you fully understand that this item is for decorative and accessory purposes ONLY and is not for use by children or any adult who cannot safely use this item. The handmade nature of the paci means that there will be very minor differences in the uniformity of decorations, but it should stay intact with light and careful use. Please contact us in the event of any problems. No part of the Paci item is edible. If you are in any doubt of the safety, suitability or correct usage of this product please contact us before purchase. You are responsible for ensuring that the correct delivery details are given at checkout.  We’ll always take note of any allergies or dietary requirements you tell us about at checkout, but it remains your or the recipients responsibility to check the suitability of all contents. By purchasing these items you acknowledge and agree to this warning. 

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