About Us

Hi, I'm Lizzie and I run Little Boxes UK!

I love to make special boxes and beautiful deco pacis for Littles across the UK. Lots of different communities identify as Littles and you are all welcome here. 

You can find us on instagram at LittleboxesUK, or send me an email.

We also do custom pacis too!



We take the safety and wellbeing of our customers seriously. We do not, and will not ever, condone the participation of underage people in sexual activity, or people who lack the capacity to consent to an activity (something often overlooked when people say '18+only').  Our website and products are aimed at adults.

The handwritten notes included in our products will never contain direct or indirect sexual content, they are 'thank you' style notes from me personally.

All of our products are intended for sale to, and use of by, adults -   more specifically adults with the capacity to use the item safely.

Please remember that being '18+' does not mean it is safe or legal for everyone, or necessarily reflect the age of consent. 

SAFEGUARDING IS EVERYBODY'S RESPONSIBILITY. If you have any concerns for a child or vulnerable adult ALWAYS TELL SOMEBODY. Please don't wait. Google support in your area for help with who to tell about what. Usually this will be the Police, social care or safeguarding authorities.

Together we can help keep people in our community safe from harm.



Plastic and CO2 emissions are something we really worry about at Little Boxes HQ. The vast majority of Little stuff means lots of plastic and carbon dioxide production. It sucks, but here's what we try to do:

* Use recycled versions of packing materials where possible, or at least materials that you can recycle and/or reuse at home. Your box and tissue paper are recyclable. We use biodegradable bubblewrap too. Bubblewrap isn't recyclable in some places, but we hope you will re-use it. 

*Buy items that span a range of materials - Ok so wood and paper production processes also aren't great for planet earth, but we try to make sure that not everything is plastic. We send a mix of items wherever possible.

*Remove most plastic pre-packaging on items and recycle it here, before wrapping it for you. 


We love our planet - please recycle and re-use wherever possible